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the only man convicted in the bombing of pan am flight 193 is a freeman this morning. thank you for watching fox 5 midday news. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. his release was based on compassion at grounds. he's dying from cancer but many family members of those who died were hoping for a different outcome. matt aand is following this outcome. >> reporter: the white house today said it deeply regrets the scottish decision and many
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families from here in america are outraged over the release. >> this is the video many people never wanted to see. ab dell acrod relieving a prison in scotland. but today the scottish justice secretary said the release was motivated by scottish values to show mercy. >> let justice be served, but mercy be showned. compassion and mercy are about upholding the beliefs that we seek to live by, remaining true to our values of the people, no matter the severity of the provocation, or the atrocity perpetrated. >> reporter: but this move has angered many people, especially famy members of those who died during the lockerbie
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attack. >> we do not believe he should have been released. they said it's -- he showed no compassion for those on board the flight. >> reporter: this morning on fox 5 morning news, ilene man ety, whose son died on the flight, believed the scottish government was being pressured for the release. >> i believe he was getting pressures from the churches in scotland and the u.k. families who for whatever believe do not believe he was guilty. >> reporter: doctors have said they believeal mag raw hee only has a few months to live and will die in his homeland, some say where is the justice when his actions took the lives of so many people who died far from home. >> he was convicted in 2001 so he's only served about eight years his term. as we speak, he is currently in
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in flight -- in flight to his homeland of libia. >> thank you, matt. a short time ago we learned that french investigator have given up finding the black boxes from air france flight 447. the airbus jet crashed june 1st on its way from rio to paris. all 228 people on board were killed. this was the second phase of the search for those boxes. now to another big story overseas. poll have closed in afghanistan this morning, but threats and attacks by the taliban kept some voters away from the presidential elections today. if the turnout is too low in the end, it could threaten the legitimacy of the vote. a big problem for the president's war strategy in that country. we have more from capitol hill. >> reporter: we should get preliminary results from the afghan vote on saturday. now just to show you, part of the problem is the roads in a few areas of the country are vulnerable to attack they'll
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have to bring out some polling ballots by helicopter. despite road blocks, police manning polling stations and 60,000 u.s. forces in afghanistan, death threats by the taliban kept some from polling today. >> no violence. report no violence. >> reporter: the current president hamid karzai is seeking his second turn. he's the favorite to win but may not pass the 50% threshold to avoid a runoff between his challenging, abdullah abdullah. >> i encourage people to come out and vote so afghanistan can be more peaceful and i better country. >> reporter: some are angry in the increase of attacks over the years. this woman says she wants the next president to stop the killing of the innocent people. united nations is calling it the most complex elections
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anywhere in 2009. >> you have a very difficult access to the country. you have very -- you have very weak institutions so this is a challenging election. >> and one can gate called -- candidate called fora halt in the election because he said he was able to wash off the ink to vote with. he told reporters, this isn't an election, it's a comedy. >> and according to a new washington post abc poll, a majority of americans don't see the war in afghanistan worth fighting. in washington, caroline shively, fox news. >> the preliminary results are expected to be announces in kabul on saturday. concerns over security growing in iraq. two people were killed in a bombing in bagdad today. meantime a death toll from a wave of bombings yesterday has risen to 101. it was the deadliest day of bombings in more than a year. the attacks targeted commercial
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and and government sites. it is blamed on sunni militants linked to al-qaeda. a big weather story, and everybody is watching hurricane bill. >> the storm has weakened, but it could intensify in the western atlantic. tucker barnes joins us with the latest. >> maximum winds now 120 miles per hour. still gusting over 135 so this is still a powerfulmajor category three hurricane. and let's see what is going on re. along the western edge it's been dealing with wind sheer and so it's been holding back on the intensity. e the focast is for bill to in tensefy and continue to push off to the north d west. i'll have morrte n obill coming up. let's take a lookorat the local weather and into aurhe hoas,errewfte' rs,howe're talking about hazy, ot nd ahumid once again. cany s ee the cloud cover out there. a mix of sun and clouds and thec
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showers breaking uot once again. o juye l lrdiktendse aay the aa before. showers breaking out across portions of west virginia. so more showers and thunderstorms and the possibility in our forecast later this afternoon. here we go. 82 degrees and that humidity is 71%. so that's an uncomfortable combination. it will be hazy, hot and humid later this afternoon with clouds out there. we'll have more clouds and sun, scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast and a high temperature of about 90. many of us will touch the up 80s and maybe 90. we'll look at bill coming up in just a minute. tony. this is video just in from downtown washington. workers at the health and human services workers on independence avenue were evacuated. an explosion occurred inside an electrical room. workers were sent outside after that cut the a.c. to the building. there were no reports of fire
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in the building. scary moments for two window washers. their scaffolding collapsed while working outside the 12th floor of a building on connecticut avenue in northeast this morning. co-workers were able to rescue one of them but couldn't get to the other man and that's a firefighter lowering himself down to rescue that worker hanging between the 9th and 11th floor. look at that picture. firefighters were able to get him down. both workers were not injured. neither was injured, i should say. montgomery county police need your help finding a young girl missing a month now. genesis terseyo was last seen at her silver spring home on july 25th. now genesis stands 5'7", she's 150 pounds. investigators say her guardian has been out of the country which is why there was a delay to her missing persons report. so far no word on who she was staying with during that time. police are calling this case critical. and to fairfax county where
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more charges could come against the medical assistant accused of crossing the line in the exam room. jorge sanchez is accused of inappropriately touching women at a doctor's office in chantilly. police arrested him after three female patients complained in a 24-hour period. he was supposed it take vitals, ask health questions and take blood pressure but his victims claim he wept -- he went too far. >> he was not supposed to be doing any kind of physical examinations. he was not supposed to be -- good gosh, in short no. >> sanchez denies any wrongdoing. investigators think there may be more victims out there. arlington police have charged a man in last month's apple store shooting. investigators say 21-year-old byron dean is the gunman in this surveillance video. this happened at the store in clarendon. he rang the door bell and shot the female employee who opened the door. he was in jail for unrelated
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crimes two weeks after the shooting. we're learning more about the gunman behind the virginia tech tragedy. the family of seung hui cho agreed to release his mental health records. one report shows suicidal thoughts but he denied having any deadly thoughts to a school counselor a year and a half before the massacreon campus, saying it was just a joke. there is no evidence that counselors were worried that he would turn violent. and we're following more breaking news this morning. two years behind bars, that's what is in store for plaxico burres. the former new york giants wide receiver pled guilty today to a weapons charge that stemmed from an incident last year when he accidentally shot himself inside a new york city nightclub. senator ted kennedy is looking ahead to the future of a congress without his presence. the cancer stricken senator sent a letter to massachusetts leaders asking them to make a
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law to fill his seat a quicker process. currently there is a special election within five months. while the democrats hold a filibuster majority, the health care could hinge on a single vote. and we're learning more about a conversation with an air traffic controller over the crash on the hudson. what they were talking about. and she's set to under go testing but it's not perfoance-enhancing drugs. we'll have the story. and a father gets his kids to eat by creating art. we'll have that next on fox 5 midday news. we'll be back in two minutes. 
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rescuers are still searching for a fourth person who was on board a military helicopter that crashed in the
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mountains of colorado. four people were on board the blackhawk helicopter from kentucky when it crashed in leadville. two were killed. one other was hurt. one is still missing. the helicopter had been carrying out training exercises before the accident. and we're learning more about a phone conversation an air traffic controller had moments before the collision over the hudson august 8th. transcripts obtained says the controller was joking about finding a barbecued cat at the airport. and seconds before the crash, the controller uttered a curse word d hung up. 9 people died when the small plane and tour helicopter collided. it is back to school time. students in montgomery county head back to class a week from monday. this is the first full year the county is using the 7 keys to college readiness as a guide to get kids ready for college. earlier this morning we talked
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with the county school superintendent and says it starts with can't. >> this is the pathway. something i didn't dream up or our people didn't dream up. we looked at our 91,000 ve been since i've been there the last 10 years, this is the path way they take, if they graduated from college with a bachelor's degree. we want parents to push this because they will help push the childrens' expectations. we want every child college ready when they graduate. >> and the county was able to maintain class sizes for the new school year. leaders will wrap up a conference on swine flu in d.c. today. they want to get ahead of a possible fall outbreak. federal officials are urging businesses to get swine flu plans in place like cross
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training and encouraging hand washing and using your designated sick days. >> if the employees exhibit flu- like symptoms, they shouldn't come to work. and if an employee shows symptoms during the work day, the cdc recommends that that employee we asked to gohome. >> another message leaders hope to get out, get a seasonal flu shot. that's the first line of defense until the swine flu vaccine is ready. more than $1.5 trillion, that's what the federal deficit is expected to be this year, according to the associated press. it will still be a record when announced next week. in fact it's 3 times larger than last year. the white house is touting that it's $262 billion less than predicted. that's because the obama administration erased a $250 billion contingency fund set aside in case wall street needed more bailout. new credit card rules take
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affect. companies must send you a bill 21 days before due, and give you 45 days notice before changing the rate. in january there will be changed to rate increases on existing card debt and how issuers apply your payment. and in the last 14 months the virginia unemployment rates that doubled and revenue from sales, in come and property taxes have dropped. now the governor sid the commonwealth has to cut $1.5 billion. the departments are not safe and v.will give up $105 million. and a push for the expansion of metro from franconia and from potomac mills in woodbridge. there will be a news conference later today to talk about the role in expanding economic opportunity in prince william county. and in the wake of recent controversy, metro is hoping
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clean up its act by imposing tougher hiring rules. according to the washington post, the new standards went into affect august 3rd. among the new requirement, applicants who have been convicted of a felony in the past ten years would be disqualified from operating a train or bus. anyone who has tten a dui conviction will have to wait three years to apply for work at metro. > r a fobjo. u lo for a job. aatg urfeina t hef ot day every day during this time. eng is a d.c. child e an and anfamily services agency, looking for a social worker. pay is between ea3,a r eathheen on clinli eanthald , dental, visio and life insurance. for more on, his job and others go to and click on the job shop tab near the top of the home page. and one man that won't be hitting the unemployment line any time soon is mike rizo. there are reports that the
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interim general manager of the nationals will be announced today. he has been filling in since boden was fired back in march. to celebrate the deal the nats will selling $1 tickets tomorrow at the national box park office at noon. and you're looking at 18- year-old caster semenna and won the 800-meter race setting a word -- a world record but now she's set to undergo tests, not for performance enhancers to make sure she is a womanch the test is apparently prompted by her muscular frame and faster times in races. and the cash for clunkers program has been successful, so why are car dealerships pulling out of it. details later. >> and someone is $260 million
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richer. >> not me. >> it's not you? we know this now. >> i didn't buy my ticket where it was sold. >> i'm sorry to hear that. >> i know. >> if you didn't win this time, don't give up. there is another jackpot you may want to try for. >> okay. and nba star and olympian michael phelps has agreed to swim against shaquille o'neal as part of a new reality tv show calls shaq vs. he negotiates a handicap with the olympian and then trains with a coach for a week. >> like the fact that he can't swim? [ laughter ] explain.
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so you want to know what is cooking today? something perfect for the end of summer, our good friend greg greenberg is with us here from
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rsvp catering. we're just going to get you an apartment here because we have you on so often. tell us what you're doing today? >> crab cakes. i think this is a summertime thing and there is entertaining and we'll do sliders. and we have the maryland crab cakes so what person doesn't like crab? >> and why not. because you think about sliders, you think about the little burgers, why not with crab. and i like about crab cakes, if done right it's a light kind of thing. you don't want them heavy and all of that. so we'll do that. and i notice some chocolate over here. >> we have some lollipops, peanut butter and brownie lollipops. >> we'll show you those coming up. allison and tucker, crab cake sliders. >> i love it. >> that will be good. >> it's doing crab in a different way. >> and any time you do crab in the summertime it's the perfect food. i'll have all of the weather for you and more and we'll talk about our very muggy conditions and our humidity
11:25 am
continues, maybe some showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast and we'll take another look at hurricane bill. >> sounds good. plus it is one of fox's most anticipated shows of the fall season. holly. >> reporter: one of the things i love about living in d.c., you never know who you will run into. i'm on the mall this morning and look, it's trouble in paradise. the acapella group from american university are here singing because it is three cast members from glee, the newest comedy to come out this fall. the reason is ready to start and they want you to be a part of it. we'll talk to the cast next on fox 5 midday news. stay with us.
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a convicted terrorist is a freeman. the lockerbie terrorist has
11:29 am
been allowed to return to libia to die. he took part in the boomage of pan am flight 103 over scotland back in 1988. the plane was carrying mostly americans. killing all on board and 11 people on the ground. more charges could come against a medical assistant accused of inappropriately touching women at a doctor's office in chantilly. fairfax county police arrested 49-year-old jorge sanchez after three female patients complained in a 24-hour period. sanchez denies any wrongdoing. investigators think there may be more victs. car dealers say they've waited long enough and now they're angry. they say the feds are not refunding cash for clunkers paybacks fast enough. >> now dealers are atrade the federal money will run -- are afraid the federal money will run out and they'll be left holding the bag. >> reporter: consumers are buying and cars are selling but there is the american dealers
11:30 am
getting reimbursed by uncle sam and the bureaucratic red tape has business owners seeing red. >> it took three days to register for the program. it took as many as 3-5 hours to got a deal input. >> in new york alone. hundreds of dealers have pulled out of cash for clunkers because they can't afford not to get reimbursed. >> there is a small amount of the transaction that has been done has been paid by the government. >> a buyer brings in a older car and picks out a newer model and cash for clunkers awarded up to $2,500 toward the purchase. but the dealers are waiting and waiting and waiting for their federal reimbursement. car lots look like junk yards as the new ones go out and the old ones build up. >> i have 107 of them still sitting here. >> dealers nationwide want washington to speed up the
11:31 am
process and show them the money. >> we're going to slow down because we can't afford to have that out there. >> secretary of transportation ray la hood set washington is hire -- is said to be hiring more workers. >> they are going to get the money. >> reporter: in other words, the check is in the mail. jonathan hunt, fox news. >> the obama administration sayst will announce tomorrow how it plans to put the brakes on the cash for clunkers program. it is 11:31. and tucker barnes joins us with a look at the weather out there and hurricane bill. >> and hurricane bill. we'll start with local weather. we're hot and humid again. >> that's familiar. >> and some haze. haze is a little late but it alon aslyere this sealonasly f . easaoons ye l t we f ar. r we'll start with hd radar as we
11:32 am
have the last couple of mornings and showing what you ew nw sarfehowers now starting to break out out to the west, out h tintae mouns,in west here of front royal, a few light showers and out in west virginia, a few light showers. and yesterday at this hour, we had nothing at 11:30. and by noon we had a big thunderstorm breaking out right to the south of the district. so the same thing today. very tropical air mass that won't take much to lift the atmosphere to get showers and thunderstorms starting to fire up. let's go to the bigger picture. and we continue to be in the southwest flow. watch the satellite radar again. and a nice southwest flow, so the air around here is very tropical and somewhat unstable. that's why every afternoon we have the showers and thunderstorms returning in the forecast. and we'll do it again today. you can see not much will change. out to west, out towards east of chicago, it's a cold front. and when this gets through here, by saturday afternoon, you'll notice a real difference in the air mass. cooler and drier air moving in,
11:33 am
but it won't be until saturday. so we still have another couple of days here where we'll be in the very summery and tropical air mass. speaking of the tropics, more on that in a second. let's talk about temperatures. 82 at reagan national. 87 in fredericksberg. warming up in the sunshine. sun and warm. dulles 85 and upper 80s to about 90 and more cloudies moving in this afternoon and a chance for scattered showerand down to the tropics we go. and this is hurricane bill. still a category three hurricane and maximum winds 120 miles per hour. it is battling a little bit of sheer here out to the west during the past 12-18 hours an that's been holding it back a little bit. but the forecast here is for it to reintensify and move into some very, very warm water. so weak wind sheer out there and warm water over 80 degrees will contribute to the storm being a strong one the next couple of days. it will track west of bermuda, which is good news but this
11:34 am
weekend we'll have rough surf and rip currents and possle beach erosion up the atlantic and into southern new england and it could be dangerous at the beaches as the storm passes off to the east. and our forecast, scatters afternoon showers return and high temperature about 90 degrees. winds out of the south at about 5 miles per hour. tonight, a couple of early showers and thunderstorms just like last night. we could see late night fog form. overnight low 74 degrees. if you're getting tired of the broken record forecast, we have a couple more days of it. friday more scattered showers and tnderstorms. saturday the cold front will move through, one last line of showers and thunderstorms with a cold front and by sunday and monday, very quiet weather returns. sunshine, lower humidity, temperatures in the middle 80s. it will be an early taste of fall. >> we'll take it. >> yeah. thank you,ing iter. quit or keep working?
11:35 am
someone will make that decision after winning last night's powerball worth -- >> would you quit or keep working? >> i would keep working. because i love my job. >> typical weather man speak. but someone won about $260 million yesterday. >> the winning ticket sold in columbia, south carolina but one ticket was sold in west virginia for $250,000. so check your tickets. >> so you love this job and you -- tucker barnes would not quit. >> i had a lot of job, i would not quit. >> when i was a roofer, i would quit. >> here are the winning number. 14, 24, 31, 43 and 51 and the powerball is 27. and the megamillions powerball
11:36 am
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there is new information about the man at the center of the investigation intomm's death. dr. conrad murray isn't charged with anything. >> but that could change. police are still investigating murray and fox news has learned he's not the only doctor they're giving a closerook to. anita vogle reports. >> reporter: michael jackson's personal physician will be charged with manslaughter. a police source tells fox prosecutors could file charges against dr. conrad murray by next week. he found jackson unconscious and tried to peform r on the dying pop star.
11:40 am
the doctor has not yet been named a suspect, but he broke his silence in this you tube message to supporters tuesday. >> because of all that is going on, i am afraid to return phone calls or use my e-mail. i have done all i could do. i told the truth and i have faith that the truth will prevail. >> sources add that the doctor won't be the only physician charged in jackson's death. as police seek to find out how jackson may have obtained a strong anesthetic normally used in surgery, they're also investigating the pop stars long time dermatologist arnold klein. the l district attorney's office says there are no charges against any of jackson's doctors. spokesperson jane robinson says until police complete their investigation, there is no way to know what charges could be filed against whom, she said. attorneys for michael jackson's mother katherine say the family is considering it's own
11:41 am
wrongful death suit, but have not specified against who. >> dr. murray's name has been floated because he is apparently under criminal investigation. and i think i'll leave it at that. >> reporter: the source tells fox, the los angeles district attorney's office is in talks with investigators about whether they'll offer doctor murray the option to surrender in los angeles, or whether he'll be arrested in houston, where he's staying. in los angeles, anita vogle, fox news. meanwhile, a spokesperson for the family says the king of pop will be buried august 29th and that would have been his 51st birthday. > and many of you got to see a preview, now glee is ready for a comeback and holly is talking to some of the stars next. and we're going to head over to studio b. to see what our guest chef is cooking up. i love those crab cake sliders. delicious. back in a moment. don't go anywhere.
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[ singing ] that is fox's new up beat comedy called glee set to premier september 9th about a teacher who tries to revive a high school glee club while helping unknown under dogs and finds the specialty in each of them. holly morris joins us live with the cast. >> reporter: we are joined by trouble in paradise this morning. this is the all girls acapella kyer from american university and they are out here this morning because we are in a gleeful mood. glee is the new comedy from fox that promises to be a hit this fall and we are lucky because three of the cast members happen to be here as well.
11:46 am
cory monty, jenna moscowitz and mark fallon are out doing a glee tour. they're stopping by the mall. i know there was one pilot episode in the spring and everybody is anticipating the start this fall so give us an idea of the show. >> it's a bit of an underdog story from a glee club that goes from the worst club in america to the best. it's a comedy and very funny show. >> there is a whole lot of reasons to watch the show. i'm going on record as saying it will be a big hits out of the fall. but you did things differently. you had the pilot in the spring. >> a sneak peek. >> and the song don't stop believing, became the number one down loaded song on itunes and everybody is now awaiting so that's a good start. >> it was the best possible way
11:47 am
to start out with a bang. >> reporter: were you surprised how much people latched onto it so quickly? >> not really, to be honest. i always believed in the show from the beginning. as soon as i read the script, i know it would be a suess, and lucky to be a part of it. >> reporter: i know you can't tell too much, but give us a little expectation. a lot of re -- romance? >> a lot of making out. >> reporter: i like that. i heard you guys did some 70 songs in the 13 episodes that you shot and there is actually cds coming out. >> yeah, in november. >> two soundtracks if everything goes to plan, before christmas. because we recorded 60 songs. >> reporter: oh, 60. i read 70. that's pretty good. so when you are practicing for the show, you're having to get your lines down and do the performances as well. how was that?
11:48 am
>> it's a lot and we shoot all day and we go to the studio at night. >> when we weren't shooting, we ere rehearsing the dance numbers or in the studio recording the tracks. >> and you're not a big music guy. >> but i've been a musician all my life. i've played the drums. this is my first attempt at singing and dancing, so it was a learning curve for me. >> reporter: as for you, you are a new album and right now people see you as a football player who isn't even musical. so that's a little foreshadowing. how has this changed your life? how has one episode changed your life? >> you know, recently because of this tou i think on the mall, so many fans have come out and really -- it's so rewarding and we are just so appreciative i think at his point. it hasn't really sinked in. >> i know you guys want to
11:49 am
move. go ahead. this is our own little show choir. and we do they're so cool and so many more people will after seeing glee. the show starts back up again with a brand new episode september 9th at 9:00 here on fox 5. but you won't want to miss today, your chance to meet the wonderful new budding stars on fox. so you need to go to hot topics because our glee team will hand out glee memorabilia and you can get autographs and there will be a question and answer period there as well. and live from the mall with the cast members from glee and trouble in paradise and our street team, we are so gleeful on this thursday. back to you. >> ollie, you'll be singing with glee after you taste these crab cake sliders. as we were saying earlier, a great idea. a slider doesn't have to be a
11:50 am
heavy burger and i love them. but that sounds good to me. you're going totry to do two things. let's start with the sliders. >> we're pan searing the crab cakes. the crab cakes are made with lump crab meat and it's less expensive and it's good to do it affordable. because you're doing it maller with one pound of crab meat, you can make 32 cab cakes. we put in parsley and garlic and we're pan searing this to make it nice and golden brown. >> how long does that take? >> about a minute on each side, maybe a minute and a half and it will warm up through and you can serve it immediately. and i have a few seared off herement and i have your small silver dollar rolls and 'll put a little bit of a smoked onion on it or smoked tartar sauce works. i have a nice lit green roaster
11:51 am
or you can use mescalin, or any type of lettuce. and then we have a cute little knotted skewer to put that together. and then basically we have a thigh crab cake. >> these are not the sliders. this is a thigh crab cake. >> and this is a thigh cab salad done on a short plate. and again really easy. lump crab -- this is a gluten- free. this is actually brown rice cakes, and crackers and makes it gluten free. >> i thought it was crushed peanuts? >> no. this is the crackers. start with the crab and then add all in the food processor, add some crumbs and egg and your thigh seasoning and then use half of this to bread this and then put it in the pan and you pan sear that. >> and what is the secret to getting your crab meat to clump together and stay together. because sometimes if you try to do it at hoax it's falling
11:52 am
apart -- at home it's falling apart all over the place. >> you use egg or mayonnaise. this does not have mayonnaise. and if you have -- and that's the thing, decide what you want, how much of the mayonnaise, the binder that you need. >> very good. >> and then we'll toss that over here and that's what you're looking for, nice and golden brown. then we have the thigh crab. and then what we do with the salad, you'll put a little bit of mescalin down. these are seasoned carrots. and i put a little bit of soy sauce, sesame oil. this is water melon radish. it's a little unusual type of radish. this is bamboo shoots. >> and you say this is an appetizer? >> by doing it small, you can offer more variety and not
11:53 am
filling people up and it creates a colorful creative thing. >> it looks great. and if you want the recipe or more information, go to and you'll get the recipe and we can link you to the website for greg at rsvp catering. coming up in a few minutes, we'll taste away. stay with us. we'll be back in just a moment. 
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democrat police chief cathy lanier issued a challenge to her department -- lose weight. 800 officers signed up for a weight loss contest. after eight weeks they're already showing a difference. paul wagner shows us how they
11:57 am
are getting fit for the 4th. >> food loves them and they love food back. rib sticking food that can creep up on you. >> and you look at the profession and the officers that have strokes and high blood pressure, heart attacks and diabetes, this is a definitely a profession that all of those weight-related wellness related issues com up. >> reporter: so leading by example, the chief formed a four person team and challenged others on the force to do the same. >> i'm happy, but amazed. >> reporter: nearly 800 people took part to challenge each other to stay away from -- >> cut out fries foods and meat. >> reporter: sherman hodges once weighed 282 pounds. >> going up and down steps would wear me out. >> reporter: hodges lost the most, 30 pounds. >> it is a life-changing experience. >> reporter: matt and detective jacqueline each embraced the challenge, cutting down on sweets and the portions of food
11:58 am
they ate. regular exercise was hard to get. >> i was off and on, but i had slacked off after having a baby and didn't have time to exercise. i was too busy working and being a mom and a wife. >> reporter: but its part of the continuing goal now. fitness equals better health. brom lynn lost 28.4 pounds, garish lost 20 pounds. the chief says her challenge was so popular she's about to begin phase two, combining all the weight lost by everyone totaled up to over 1200 pounds. sherman hodges was the individual winner. the winner of the team competition of who dat, a play on words. >> we were saying once we lose all of the weight among the team members, phones would say who is that? >> i'm al durham and i lost 13 pounds.
11:59 am
>> steny williamson and i lost 13 points. >> josh boldin 25.4 pounds and matt bowlin, and i lost 27 pounds. >> reporter: the team lost and swear it's staying off. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> that's great. a quick look at the five- day. >> yeah. and this afternoon it will be hazy, hot and humid with high temperatures in the upper 80s to about 90. one more time tomorrow. by saturday that's a cold front which will bring us cooleand drier air by sunday and monday. but a few more days of the tropical heat and humidity to deal with into greg green, from rsvp catering and we're going to try the crab cakes. are you testing already? >> i just have to say, you go. >> this is incredible presentation. >> try them. >> it's like you have to -- you did it the right way. because it's going to hesitate, tony. >> this is really good. for

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